Singapore! The Starter Kit.

It's a big city on a small island that is a country, too.

Welcome to Singapore, this often glitzy, mostly shiny city of five million people at the very of the Malaysian peninsula.

As most Asian cities go, it is a wonderful place to live, work and play. And the numbers and polls continue to prove it.


Clean, Modern, Safe

The city prides itself in being Asia's 'Switzerland' - hardly any pollution, architecture from the world's big names, and almost none of the usual petty crime found in many of Asia's megacities.

Add a colorful mix of people from China, India and Malaysia. Mix in impressive attractions and some of Asia's highlights just a short flight away and you can easily spend 3 years here and wonder where your time went.

Warm Tropical Weather

Did we mention that the weather is warm all year around? The city is pretty close to the equator. 30 degrees centigrade(86 Fahrenheit) most days and hardly a day below 25 degrees (77 Fahrenheit).

We, by the way, would be us, a family of five and cat, living here for the last three years now. We came with no experience in Asia and ended up with no regrets.

Here for a Few Days?

Let us show you some of the very impressive must-see attractions like

Here for a Bit Longer?

Here are some ideas for getting off the beaten track and seeing some of the quirkier things, like

Moving Here?

Then you probably have questions about how to get yourself set up.Things like

Working Here?

Here are some pointers on

Finally, maybe you just want to find out about the country , Singaporeans and their fascinating history.

Enjoy! You may end up like many people - came for two years, stayed for twenty.

Eric, Mona, Bennet, Jonah and Henry


Singapore - from backwater village to global city in just a few decades.

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Banks in Singapore: getting an account, cash and credit cards
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Getting around Singapore - can you do it without a car?

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Ministry of Manpower: MoM decides the jobs and workpasses. Period.

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Singapore Weather - Hot, Humid and When It Rains, It Pours....

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Singapore hotels can be very pricey: a few tips on value for money.
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Singapore Attractions - from classy views to henna tattoos.
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Shopping in Singapore: no end of possibilities. Tips to not get lost.
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Singapore sightseeing: Haw Par Villa - Psychedelic Chinese Mythology
  • Singapore sightseeing: Haw Par Villa - the gentlemen who created Tiger Balm also created the weirdest collection of Chinese mythological statues ever seen - oversized, colorful, and pretty bloody at that!