About Us

So, who is this guy writing up Singapore?

The Autistic Cat

I am the dad in a family of five and have lived in Singapore now since 2009.

There is also a cat, but not much of one because she only comes in to eat and sleep and runs away when I walk into the house....enough already about the autistic cat.

I wrote this site to reflect on some of the quirks and specialties of getting started and living in Singapore.

Now I knew it was going to be easier setting ourselves up here than in a place like, say, South Siberia. Still, it would have been nice to know a few things in advance and understand how things work in this country.

Cars, Bugs, Landlords

Like cars. They are mind-shatteringly, numbingly, 'sit down before I give you the quote says the salesman' expensive. Had I understood that before I came, maybe I could have wheedled the boss into giving me a raise.

We also didn't know that once you land at the airport here, you and your kids (but not the cat - she's a native) are literally jumped upon in the gate finger by a myriad of tropical microbial bugs. Not the really bad ones, of course, but the ones that give your kids the sniffles and make them run a fever - all because the white cell army is geared up for a whole different set of enemies.

So, you don't know which hospital to go to, and you're worried, etc, and so on. You get the picture.

We also didn't have a clue about how to rent a house and some of the little tricks and quirks you need to know about to keep yourself protected.

The Real Secrets of Singapore

None of this is earth-shattering or life-changing. Then again, it would have been nice to know beforehand.

So, I decided to share some of this with you - my hopefully soon to be loyal reader and afficionado of this still nascent website - thinking that just maybe one trick or two will make it a bit smoother for you.

All that said, we are not going to divulge the real and juicy secrets in Singapore. Things like why cats in Singapore have crooked tails or...

But enough already! Those secrets are yours to discover.

I mean - in the end - that's why you moved to a new country anyway, right?

Have fun!

Eric and the crew

April 2012