Car Rental Singapore

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Strange - a car rental Singapore is still sort of a mom and pop shop sort of experience.

The market is full of smaller local companies - often dealers or taxi companies who rent out cars as an additional service, or some guy who rents out cars via some out-of-this world website.

Anyway: terms and prices can vary quite a bit, as can the quality of cars. I know this isn't super helpful, but you really need to shop around.

Where to Rent

Changi Airport has agencies in all three terminals. These are the usual suspects like Hertz and Avis.

The other companies are scattered around the island but seem to cluster towards the airport.

See below for some links to local companies.

How to Rent

Renting itself is straightforward enough.

Bring a passport or Singapore ID, along with a credit card and your driver's license.

If you don't have a Singaporean one, use an international license. Some companies can get a bit finicky about national licenses, though.

Prices and Insurance

Of course prices will vary greatly depending on type of car and length of rental, but expect about

  • SGD 70 - 50 for a midsized daily
  • SGD 400-600 for a midsized weekly
  • SGD 2000 monthly based on duration of long-term lease

A deposit is required and of course you will pay for fuel, parking and traffic offenses in addition.

Those can get hefty, by the way, especially if you are caught drunk - don't even think about it. Not only do the cops get really serious, it's simply stupid and dangerous for everybody.

The standard insurance included in the rate is usually a CDW - Collision Damage Waiver - with excesses of around SGD 1200 and up.

Pick Ups and Drop Offs

Unfortunateley, here again no fit-all solution. Some companies do pick up, some don't, some charge a fee, some don't.

Do ask about it.


Keep in mind that a number of the companies will offer you higher rates for that weekend trip to Malaysia. Their insurance premiums go up for crossing the border, and thus, so do their rates.

Special Occasions, Chauffeur Service and Commercial Renting

A lot of the agencies offer wedding or party packages, chauffeured services or vans and utilities.

There are also a few companies around that offer super cars - impress your date with a Maserati or get hitched really fast with a Ferrari.


So, here we go, in no special order - mouse over for some details.

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