Changi Beach Park

Beach and Bum Boats

Changi Beach Park, Singapore

Behind the airport lies Changi Beach Park with the adjacent boardwalk.

This stretch of coast is another popular park and beach area, but not quite as large as East Coast Park.

As usual in Singapore, find a number of BBQ pits and grassy areas for pitching a tent or hanging out.

National Parks describes the park a bit more on its site, Changi Beach Park.

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There is a fishing area for those diehards who still think the fish here are safe to eat - I doubt it. The passage across to Pulau Ubin is highly frequented by ships and the beach and the waters here are not really clean.

Most people come for a picnic or BBQ, a stroll or to catch a sunrise.

You can also come here to watch the planes land - an even better spot than at East Coast Park since the end of the runway is seemingly 100 meters away.

I find the place a bit underwhelming, honestly.

At the mouth of the little Changi River is the docking station for bum boats over to Pulau Ubin and Changi Village - another big food court and shopping area for locals.

Again, nothing spectacular, but a good place to pick up some local flair and color.


The Changi boardwalk - just off Changi Village - is a fairly new stretch of coast that was upgraded from trails and paths to a boardwalk.

It passes along a few beaches and smaller picnic areas as well as 'cliffs'.

It's a nice stroll along the coast with views across the waters to Pulau Ubin.

The area does seem to have some eco-value - in spite of the heavy industrial use of the waters, the shallows here retain sealife with horseshoe crabs, sponges and even some sea horses.

This map of

Changi Boardwalk gives an overview of the boardwalks - they have segmented it into 4 parts, but it is one throughway.

All in all, the trip to the beach and boardwalk is probably best combined with a day at Pulau Ubin - coming here just for the park may be a small letdown.

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