Links Galore

Here is a collection of links I think could be interesting, useful, fun, and sometimes all three together!

As usual, I can't take responsibility for the ever-changing content on those sites, so do be gracious and don't take it out on me if you find something offensive (which I doubt you will).

Anyway, here goes.


I mentioned in my About Us Page that setting yourself up in Singapore would be much simpler than, say, Western Mongolia.

That still holds true, but: looks like Mongolia has quite a bit to offer for those intrepid travellers out there: hikes through vast landscapes, colorful costumes and very friendly people.

Check this link to a gentleman by the name of Tsogt-Erdene. He is Mongolian and has put together over 800 pages of everything under the Mongolian sun. Just the pictures make me dream of booking a plane today...

Find him at his Mongolia site.


Although I used to be quite the athlete, sitting at a desk all day for the last decade isn't the best way to keep in shape, obviously, so a few months ago I joined a gym and booked some personal training sessions, just to get me back on track.

Boy, did I ever go through a learning experience!

And I owe it to a gentleman by the name of Nathan Williams over at Pure Fitness on Orchard.

He's a Welshman by birth, a fitness guru by trade and just a plain friendly and pleasant fellow.

In addition, he isn't your rah-rah situps, chin-ups kind of trainer: he takes a look at your level of fitness, assesses your life patterns and then shows you the functional moves to improve your body and health.

In fact, you don't even need a gym with most of his stuff: your body and the floor are enough, although he knows his weights, machines and kettle bells better than most, too.

Get a taste at his blog. Then give him a call.


Here is a link to a local tennis coach and instructor, Joel, who can give you the whole nine yards (yeah, I know, a football term) on getting your game in shape.

Check his improve your tennis site. Well worth a browse.

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