Singapore Trains and Buses

Cheap and Cheerful Transport

Singapore trains and buses are easy to use, mostly efficient and definitely your cheapest option.

Two Operators, One Network, One Card

Bus, Singapore

Public transport via Singapore trains and buses is available most everywhere and goes most everywhere, so getting around Singapore is not a problem at all, even Sundays.

More than five million people need to move and the government is very keen to avoid the mega congestion on its roads and highways as found in other Asian cities.

MRT, Singapore

While the Mass Rapid Transit system of elevated and underground trains services the major trunks and important sights and locations around the City, buses in Singapore also go to most other areas like the big housing estates and byroads.

The whole system of Singapore trains and buses is operated by two operators, SBS Transit and SMRT.

Getting Around Singapore by Train - Network Map

EZ Link - One Card For All Services

It wouldn't be Singapore if it wasn't efficient. The whole network is completely integrated, so it really doesn't matter if you are on one operator's route or the other's.

Simply purchase an EZ Link Card for Singapore Trains and buses - and pay your coffee with it, too. at most train stations, SingPost or Seven-Eleven stores.

The card costs SGD 10. SGD 5 is the purchase price and the other SGD 5 are the stored fare value. You can top up easily at the same locations.

Getting On and Off

When you take Singapore trains and buses, tap your card at the train gantry or the little readers at the doors of the bus. The card will note your entry location and then deduct your fare when you tap out at your destination.

If you are a casual visitor, you can also pay cash with the bus driver (more expensive), or buy a single-ride card at vending machines at the MRT stations.


Fares are distance-based, but I think affordable. Sample fares:


  • Changi Airport (far east of Singapore) - Joo Koon (far west): ca. SGD 2
  • Changi Airport - Raffles Place in CBD: ca. SGD 1.70


  • Clementi (a housing estate in the west) to Hougang (another housing estate in the east), about 26 km: ca SGD 1.80

Some Things to Keep in Mind


  • Trains are very clean and efficient.
  • Getting around Singapore during peak hours, like anywhere, can see extensive crowding
  • No eating or drinking in stations and trains


  • Buses are mostly ok, but can be old and worn. Both operators are upgrading their fleets.
  • Buses don't come at set times: they come at intervals. You may wait 15 minutes, or you may have two or three buses come shortly after another, depending on traffic.
  • Bus stops have timetables and and a road index. Orientation is by roads and landmarks rather than bus stop names.
  • Bus drivers tend to go either very fast or brake hard - hold on tight and work your core muscles

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