Singapore Driving License

Getting a Singapore driving license - more specifically - getting yours converted - is two step process and usually means a few hours of study for an online test administered by the traffic police, and then getting the paperwork done.

To get all the nitty-gritty specifics, check out the Singapore Driving License - Police Force website.

Before you deep-dive, though, here is the most important information in a nutshell:

  • you must be 18 years or older
  • be a work permit/employment pass/dependent pass holder
  • have a valid non-Singaporean license
  • in classes 3 and 3a (motorcar) or in
  • class 2b (motorcycle below 200cc)

All other Singapore driving license classes like heavy motorcycles, lorries, etc. require a full schedule of theory and practical testing.

One Year Free, then BTT

The police allow you 12 months time before you must convert - so plenty of time to get used to traffic and roads here.

Then, you are required to take a test called the Basic Theory Test, or BTT.

This is a 50-question touch-screen test administered at 3 testing centers that reside in driving school premises, together with a local traffic police office.

The BTT itself covers questions ranging from signs and road markings to speed limits, rights-of way and load limits on specific vehicles.

It is not very difficult, but beware: some questions are formulated in double negatives to throw you a curve and the road markings like the 'double-zigzag' or the 'yellow box' at intersections require some study.

3 Testing Centers & Traffic Police Offices

You can sign up for the test at the following locations:

Singapore Safety Driving Center
Bukit Batok Driving Center
Comfort Delgro Driving Center
The schools will want to sell you various material to prepare, maybe even some courses.

I found you can get a simple book on the driving license requirements at most bookstores with an overview of what you need to know.

What was really helpful, though, is signing up with Singapore Tests.

Simply register, pay about SGD 13 and you have direct access to more than 400 questions about the driving license in the same format as the actual test at the police centers.

Required Paperwork

Once you've gone to the test center on the date you submitted via a website, and done the touch-screen exam, you literally go to the corridor next door and submit your - hopefully - passing grade and the following documents to the police:

  • original and photocopy of passport and FIN or work/entry permit
  • original and photocopy of your valid foreign license
  • $50 by NETS or Cashcard payment
  • a matte passport-size color photo on a white background, eyes looking forward with ears and brows visible
  • either an international license or an official translation (embassy, high commission, Singapore Court) if your current license is not in English

If you are older than 65 or are somehow physically impaired, you may be required to undergo a medical test and obtain a certificate of fitness.

Options for getting around in Singapore

City Hall Singapore
Parachute, Singapore
Frangipani, Singapore
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Chinatown, Singapore
HDB, Singapore
Mosque, Singapore