Singapore Hotels

Off The Beaten Bed - Uhmm - Track

So you don't need the super luxury of some Singapore hotels and you don't want the mundane sleeping factory feel of your usual chain business hotel?

Not a problem in Singapore.

There has been a recent trend to open up off-beat yet high standard hotels for the discerning guest tired of the same formulated smiles and room descriptions by those international chains.

Suit with Sneakers - The Naumi

The Naumi hotel sits in a small street right smack next to the venerable Raffles Hotel, not far from the City Hall MRT station.

This is a hyper-sleek boutique hotel with fairly small rooms and facilities.

BUT: the staff are friendly, the decor is cool and the place offers a very nice rooftop lounge/pool with a beautiful view of the Raffles Hotel, the CBD and Marina Bay.

They also have a special ladies' floor in flowers and pink.

Its location makes it very convenient to stay downtown and the sheer small size means it doesn't make you feel like one of very many guests with 3 minutes' worth of transaction time allocated by the staff.

A few people are saying it is starting to need a renovation and some attention to its interior. Expect at least $370 a night without taxes and fees.

Singapore hotels - sleek and boutique: The Naumi

Sensual and Sexy - The Scarlet Hotel

You have likely seldom seen a hotel like this one.

Basically a row of adjoining shop houses renovated and redecorated along the lines of somebody's dream of the Titanic, black and gold baroque vampire mansion and velvet - well, let's say it - luxury pleasure house, this perfectly legitimate hotel is just a very short walk from Chinatown's Buddha Tooth Temple.

The hotel is a treat for the eyes and starting at $320, not too outlandish by Singapore standards.

Beware: many rooms have no window, so that can put people off. The rooftop bar is nice, although the drinks and coffee there are so-so.

As Singapore hotels go, this is definitely a unique one and will give you - interesting - memories of your stay.

Across the parking lot is a big hawker center for really cheap Chinese food.

Quirky Chic in Little India

Finally, if you are in to quirky Singapore hotels and Little India, check out, and then check in at the newly opened Wanderlust Hotel.

A 4-story hotel with industry-chic bar and barber chairs as their idea of loungers, this place is as unique as the Scarlet in its own way.

Even the website is already a treat, with airplane windows looking down at clouds as icons for the services you want.

The hotel is located on Dickson, not quite in the middle of things, but close enough to be accessible, even if it remains a bit noisy.

Rooms can be very small, but hey! You are here to be chic and slim.

Breakfast is included and rates start at about $190 without taxes.

Looking for something a bit more luxurious?

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