Singapore Hotels

Deluxe and Damn The Cost!

Singapore hotels abound and leave no wish unfulfilled. The 'scene' has vastly improved these last three years with the opening of the Marina Bay Sands luxury mall complex, the new attractions on Sentosa Island, the ArtScience museum and the casinos that expressly cater to the regional rich with package offers.

That also means that hotels in Singapore have become very pricey with even regular hotels costing on average about $250 - $300 SGD per night.

I could fill about 37 pages on Singapore hotels, but let me concentrate on a few that are either deluxe, a bit off the beaten path in terms of concept or design or offer an alternative to your run-of-the-mill sleep factories.

Deluxe and Damn the Cost

First of all, the vast majority of Singapore hotels are located in the heart of the city - roughly in the area from Chinatown and the CBD to Marina Bay and over towards Little India.

You can find them in the usual travel site haunts all over the internet, so check out those places for the long list.

All the big chains have set up shop here and cater to the traveler who comes to the CBD for business.

Many of them now offer tourist packages, too, in line with Singapore's development as a regional hub for leisure attractions.

Let me guide you through a choice few Singapore hotels that I have visited personally and give you some ideas.

Remember: these hotels charge so-called ++ prices, so add 7% GST and 10% service charges to the published rates!

Lord or Lady for a Day - The Raffles Hotel

First and foremost is, of course, the Raffles Hotel.

This grand old dame of lodgings has such a storied history and unique aura, you could spend a whole day just soaking in the Colonial past.

The Raffles Hotel sits just off the City Hall MRT and offers suites at around SGD 500 per night with butler service. Of course, you will have to go to the Long Bar and get a Singapore Sling - invented here - for a measly $35, but who's counting, right?

$500 is a lot of money for a sleep and a few people critique the spotty internet and the sometimes spotty service, but then again, expectations for such a hotel are probably higher than for any other of the Singapore hotels around and can only be disappointed. Singapore Hotels - The Raffles

Former Post Office and Japanese Military HQ - The Fullerton

Another colonial lovely right on the Singapore River is the Fullerton Hotel along with its sister hotel, the Fullerton Bay Hotel, sort of across the street from its mother ship, right on Marina Bay.

Again, enjoy the exclusivity of sleeping in a former British Colonial Post Office in the grand style of the times. The hotel stands right on a busy stretch of road and can be noisy, though, and I have experience their food service downstairs at the cafe to be very slow.

Check out the chocolate buffet, though - exquisite and calorific to a fault!

If you get bay view rooms, you can enjoy the night time sights of Marina Bay, including the Marina Bay Sands laser show and just the overall beauty of all that lighting reflecting on the waters. Here again expect $500 ++ for a room.

A Pool With a View - Casino and Shopping Heaven at the Marina Bay Sands

Thirdly and lastly, if you want to spend your time in the casino or luxury shopping mall, check into the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, that three-towered building with the huge rooftop that looks like a cruise ship.

The hotel is simply huge - built by a US-based casino company, so what else - and is busy.

It has a rooftop infinity pool only for hotel guests with a sensational view of Singapore. That goes for all the upper rooms, by the way. See Marina Bay and the CBD on one side, or look at the ships mooring like pearls on a string with Indonesian islands in the background on the other side.

Personally, I am not a fan of huge hotels with busy pools and lobbies, but that's me. Expect $300-500 a night.

Looking for something unique, boutique or just plain cool? Check out these tips alternatives for Singapore hotels.

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