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Getting Oriented

Living and Working in Singapore - Useful Tips for a Successful Start
Useful & practical insider information for newcomers to Singapore. Know where to find what and get started smoothly.
Singapore - from backwater village to global city in just a few decades.
Singapore lies at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula and offers a rich mix of cultures, business opportunities and a leisure activities.
Singapore flag - what it means and where it comes from.
The Singapore Flag, Coat of Arms, Anthem and the Merlion - rich in symbolism and history.
History of Singapore - Fishing Village Turns Powerhouse
History of Singapore - the unparalleled rise of a backwater village to a global city.
History of Singapore: Independent! Surviving in a Rough Neighborhood
History of Singapore: once the Japanese left, the island had to find its own way. A spectacular rise to the top followed.
Singaporeans have been measured and boxed: what are they really like, though?
Singaporeans are like anybody else, but completely different. Let's meet some at the the virtual food court.
Singlish no unnerstan? No problem. Sokay. English osso can, lah.
Singlish - you just have to love a dialect so full of color and spice!

Getting Settled

Singapore houses for rent - where to look, what to watch out for.
Singapore houses for rent: check these pointers to get an edge and peace of mind
Utilities in Singapore - what to do and what to know to get connected.
Utilities in Singapore: set yourself up quickly and painlessly.
Getting online in Singapore is easy - tips on the 3 providers & what they offer.
Getting online in Singapore with one of three big providers for mobile, internet and TV - let me take you through the landscape.
Banks in Singapore: getting an account, cash and credit cards
Banks in Singapore: which ones to use, setting up your personal finances, getting a credit card and painless ways to pay your bills.
Singapore international schools: let us guide you through the basics.
Singapore international schools are aplenty in Singapore: we give you a brief guide on fees, locations and things to expect.

Getting Around

Getting around Singapore - can you do it without a car?
Getting around Singapore: what are the options? Can you get by without a car? Find out here!
Singapore taxis: a great option with free Singlish lessons. Beware the fare!
Singapore taxis in Singapore: know how to get a good cab, a good fare and good conversation.
Singapore Trains and buses are plentiful and cheap - a brief user's guide.
Singapore trains and buses are a good alternative to cars in Singapore - here are some options to moving around Singapore easily without breaking the bank.
A Car in Singapore can be a huge expense - pointers to save time and money.
A Car in Singapore is expensive - here is what you need to look out for when you buy or rent one.
Singapore driving license - what to do, what to know, where to get it.
Singapore driving license - when and where to take the test and get your foreign license converted.

Get Working

Ministry of Manpower: MoM decides the jobs and workpasses. Period.
Ministry of Manpower. What you should know about working in Singapore, the almighty Ministry of Manpower (MoM) and sought-after skills.

Getting Out to Play

Singapore Weather - Hot, Humid and When It Rains, It Pours....
Singapore Weather - Get ready to get wet, but less often than you think.
Singapore Attractions - from classy views to henna tattoos.

Singapore attractions - we give you some tips for things to see on and off the beaten track.
Shopping in Singapore: no end of possibilities. Tips to not get lost.
Shopping in Singapore is a national sport. Read on to get an idea of basics, mainstream locations and some quirkier stores.
Shopping in Singapore - the basics. Groceries, meat, bread & furniture. A guide
Shopping in Singapore - The basics: you have to eat, drink and get clothed: let me guide you through the Singapore landscape.
Shopping in Singapore: had enough of malls? Check out some unique stores.
Shopping in Singapore: guitars, giant pants and audio highlights. Let's look at some of the unique shops around Singapore.
Marina Bay Singapore offers a day's worth of sights - ideas on exploring.
Marina Bay Singapore is the city's face to the world - glitzy, posh and wonderful at dusk.
Chinatown in Singapore - Buddha's tooth, calligraphy and an Indian temple.
Chinatown in Singapore is a colorful, busy place to explore - red dominates the scene and things really go crazy during Chinese New Year.
Little India Singapore - know where to go in this distinct neighborhood.
Little India Singapore - Gold shops, old barbers and wedding tattoos made of henna - spend an afternoon soaking in Big India in Singapore's Little India.
Muslim Quarter Singapore: the Malay quarter with a cool touch.
Muslim Quarter Singapore - the Kampong Glam is the smallest of the three ethnic quarters and going chic.
Singapore Zoo - an open concept zoo with free-ranging orangutans - what to know.
Singapore Zoo - world-renowned and worth a visit anytime - some ideas on what to see and do there.
Singapore Night Safari - dark brother of the Zoo. Tips on how not to get eaten.
Singapore Night Safari - this nocturnal zoo is just as good as its daytime brother , the Singapore Zoo, and gives you a whole different animal experience.
Singapore Historic District - Colonial Singapore, Old Man Raffles and Party Mile
Singapore Historic District - Colonial past goes to an after-work party!
Fort Canning Singapore: wander through past and present on a single hill.
Fort Canning Singapore blends it all - tropics, history and music. Here's an overview of what to see on this ancient hill.
Singapore museums: grand & elegant to small and quaint: let me show you a few.
Singapore museums abound: grand arts, tin toys and industrial design - more than you would suspect in this city of commerce and shopping.
Singapore Botanic Gardens: Jungle giants and frail orchids: take a stroll!
Singapore Botanic Gardens: meet the orchids - thousands of them!
Sentosa Island Singapore: beaches, roller coasters & bars: where to play.
Sentosa Island Singapore has been developed into a major attraction in Asia - worth the trip but know where to go.
East Coast Park: Ships, bikes and blades - join the fun.
East Coast Park in Singapore is 11 kilometers of park on the beach with family activities: here are a few ideas.
Changi Beach: watch planes, have a BBQ and then take a bumboat to Pulau Ubin.
Changi Beach is another park to catch a sunrise, watch the planes and take a bum boat out to Pulau Ubin.
Southern Ridges: Views from the top, a mathematical bridge and Chinese myths.
Southern Ridges: a string of hills with a string of things to see and do.
MacRitchie is a runner's and hiker's natural jungle in the urban one.
MacRitchie gives you a jungle feeling in the middle of Singapore - walk through trees, see fishes and monkeys, and get your running shoes out.
Singapore islands: St. Johns was a prison, now it's a resort, sort-of.
Singapore islands: St. John's is where Raffles landed, later to become a detention center and today a fish research station. Have a look - then go for a swim.
Singapore islands - Kusu: turtles, tanker and corals: this is Singapore, too!
Singapore islands: not too many islands in Singapore are actually accessible. Here is a guide to the ones you can visit and what to see there: Kusu Island

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