Utilities in Singapore

SP Services: One Bill Covers All

SP Services, Singapore

Although a number of different companies provide utilities in Singapore - and cart your garbage - all you need to do is sign up for services with one master account via SP Services - Utilities in Singapore.

A Simple Process - Getting Your Account

Simply go to the Open an Account site and apply for a domestic account.

You will require

  • an application form
  • a copy of your employment pass or work pass
  • a deposit depending on your unit size (fully refundable, ranges between SGD 60 - 800, depending on if you are a giro customer, live in a small government flat or have a large residence).

They may ask for your tenancy agreement as well.

Your Bill and How to Pay

Your account is set up within a day or so. Garbage is collected once a day. Recyclables are collected once a week.

Meter readings are done once every two months with an estimation in-between.

Your Bill Comes Once A Month

SP Services, Singapore

Your bill come once a month and lists usage, unit pricing, consumption and your taxes. It also shows how your consumption compares to the national average.


As usual in Singapore, you have alot of payment options.

  • set up GIRO
  • route it through your credit card
  • pay via self-service machines (SAMs, AXS, iNETS Kiosk)
  • send a cheque
  • go to SP Services service centers
  • your local post office.
Locations of SP Service Centers

Have I missed anything?

Yes! Take the bill to you nearest 7/11 and pay by NETS or cash (full or partial bill). That’s it.

One More Thing - Cooking Gas

If you have a detached house with no access to piped gas, a number of bottled gas providers roam the neighborhoods with little trucks.

Give them a call and they normally come within a few hours, sometimes minutes, if they happen to be in the neighborhood.

Here is a partial list of bottled gas suppliers in Singapore.

Living In A Condo?

In condos and apartment towers, your garbage collection is often included in the rent.

When you open your account, your postal code will 'show' SP Services your address - and thus if you live in a condo - your bill usually reflects only the services actually required.

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